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Keep organized save time and increase productivity. Track time, invoice clients, all in one central location Connect to your desktop from your mobile phone, tablet, or any laptop/desktop computer!
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ExpressLaw – Productivity At its Best

Website Coverage

The average small law office spends more than 1 hour per day searching for files.
  • Complete website design or design update
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance
  • Data Tracking
  • Logo Design
  • With ExpressLaw, you create electronic files for each client. Client files include secure transactional notes detailing all client communication. Client billing becomes a breeze with the information stored in ExpressLaw. Client documents are stored, organized and accessed with FirmFish. With ExpressLaw, the dream of a “Paperless Office” can become a reality. Learn more. Learn More About How ExpressLaw Web Can Help